GTC GLOBAL provides private In-house courses that are convenient to your company with
1-2 weeks in duration. The following courses are available at your convenient time:

Drilling Courses:
Well bore Stability, Real Time Drilling Inelegance, Stuck Pipe Course, Advanced Drilling, Advanced Mud Engineering ...

Formation Evaluation Courses:
Reservoir Types, Rock & Fluid Properties, MBE, Gas Reservoirs, Managing a Reservoir, Estimation of Reserves

Integrated Production Modeling:
Formation Evaluation, prediction of fractures, the network in general, managing Carbonate rock reservoirs

Environmental Courses:
Cement Logging Tools and Interpretation, Corrosion Logging Analysis, Noise Log Analysis, Cased Hole Monitoring Tools, Production Logging in Horizontal Wells and detail interpretation

Petroleum Engineering Course:
Basics & Advanced Petrophysics, prediction of invalid data, input parameters, Estimation of HC Saturation, Validate data while Drilling, Check the quality of all Logging Data.

Reservoir Engineering Course:
International Rules& Regulations on the Environment, Waste Management, Oil Spills, NORM, Marine Environment, Hazardous Materials.

Professional Training
is determined in delivering quality knowledge and information to its
customers a


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