Established in 2007, the GTC GLOBAL is a professional firm providing services to the Geosciences community in the oil and
gas industry around the world. The Company is a USA based company involved in three major business segments: Providing different services, Training, and Consulting on oil and gas field projects.  The company headquarter is located in Houston- Texas – USA and was established in 2007.  The company has also the Middle East Main office located in Abu Dhabi – UAE.  The company has a branch in Ireland and currently opening a branch in Calgary – Canada, and London-UK.
Real Time Operation Vision Center (RTOVC): Through this system we connect all your drilling rigs and producing wells directly to your offices in which data is transferred in two directions.  We also provide video conferencing, Reservoir Modeling Update, well planning, Manage daily production all the way through the port, and other related field management.  An alarm system is also included in RTOVC, which can be connected to any PC outside office and Cell phones if required.  With this system, an oil company can simply view the daily works 24/7 on the drilling rigs, production wells, gathering units, port, and any other facility need to manage.
GYRO Deviation Survey System:  The exact location of the well while drilling, depth and Azimuth will be easily identified via this system.  Gyro tool is usually run after each interval section is drilled in order to reach the exact wanted target in the reservoir.  We provide the LWD and Wire line Gyro that is combinable to different service company tools and provide both; real time and memory data.
PDC Drilling Bits: Our partner in Edmonton – Canada manufactures PDC drilling bits of different sizes with the new leach technology.  With the new designed cutters and leaching technology, the new PDC bit can perform up to 250% more than any other PDC bits on the market. The new technology also has a patented vibration Nozzle system that boosts drilling.
Passive Seismic: Our partner, GeoDynamic International, based in Italy, provides the latest technology on Seismic survey; the Passive Seismic.  Sensors are manufactured and provided for services directly by them.  With this new technology, Hydrocarbon and water is simply identified, along with the size of the reservoir.  The sensors are quite handy and easy to use (60 kg), also is used for monitoring reservoirs.

Full Reservoir Studies:  GTC GLOBAL has the capability to work on entire reservoir studies.  With our experts in Reservoir and Geological Modeling using in –house software, we provide full studies on reservoirs.  We also work on tracer tracking projects.

Professional Training : GTC GLOBAL has started as a  professional training and consulting company in 2007.  Training includes all related subjects to the oil and gas industry, mainly in Drilling Optimization, Formation Evaluation [ Wire line Logging, LWD, MWD, SLS], Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering, Reservoir Management and Environment Engineering.  Our experts provide the best and the highest training quality as they have an average of 20 years of experience, each in his/her area.

Digitizing, Splicing and Archiving Well Logging Data:  Our partner is specialized in digitizing, splicing and extending data that is missing while splicing.  Also a full data archiving is available via latest international technology system.

Fiber Glass Pipes and Casing – Metal Pipes and Casings: Our partner manufactures different sizes of Fiber Glass pipes and casing.  The pipes are used for downstream crude transporting, while the casing is used for certain specific fields having problems with metal casing.  We also provide metal pipes and casing of different sizes.

Drilling Rigs Automated with Full Capacity:  We also provide Drilling rigs, automated with 750, 1000, 1500, and 2000 HP with and without crew, fully equipped with camps and offices.

Drilling Rig Inspection: GTC GLOBAL also provides full drilling rig inspection as an independent company.

Environmental Projects: Our branch in Louisiana is dedicated for working on different Environmental projects, like; Land Fill design and implementation, NORM, Waste management and treatment, Oil Spill, Laboratory tests, Incineration system and many other related services.  We also provide customers with patented enzyme that transform wastes into fertile products which is environmentally very safe to use as organic material.  Usually we design the landfills through three major processes: assessment study, conceptual design that includes a pilot trial and the full implementations.

GTC GLOBAL is based in Houston US, and has strong association working projects from all over the world.
Wherever there is a drop of oil, look for us.

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