Formation Evaluation And Pressure Transient Analysis For Reservoir Characterization

  • 1. On April 4th , 2021 an international workshop was held by Petroleum Engineering Department, titled (Formation Evaluation and Pressure Transient Analysis for Reservoir Characterization). The workshop was presented by “Mr. Frzan Ali” (Petroleum Engineering Lecturer from Knowledge University) and “Dr. Soran Talabani” (president of GTC GLOBAL). The workshop covered both the engineering side and geological side of formation evaluation and well testing to characterize oil reservoirs. To present the geological analysis and interpretations conducted from well logging while drilling and to analyze the engineering interpretations from pressure transient analysis

  • 2. Great achievement stimulating two wells (North Africa) that were plugged since 2018. Lots of attempted were made by the Major service companies with no success to revive the wells. GTC GLOBAL has utilized its GMG Gas Fracing guns and GT-B2 Bio-chem enzyme. Both wells are with zero skin, perfectly communicating with the reservoir. The wells are set back to production.

  • 3. On May 15 2021, Seven more wells are set for stimulation with the same equipment and materials.

  • 4. More wells to stimulate with our latest GT-B32 Enzyme for well stimulation in Latin America.


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