GTC Global web site.  We are motivated by the spirit that is reflected in our dealing with customers.  We have been fully concentrating on:
Training around the globe in certain area (Drilling, Formation Evaluation, Reservoir Engineering Management and Simulation).

GTC Global has a successful training program.
Consulting on different areas in the Oil & Gas industry
Working on projects by national and international oil companies
Environmental Waste management, rules & regulations

Our GTC Global is committed to its mission to be one of the top training & consulting service company in the oil & gas industry around the globe.  We are determined to maintain our current high standard consultation to our customer with honesty and professionalism.

Our successes are based on our strategies and determination to grow steadily and strongly. 
I do appreciate your trust in our company as I know there is no progress without you,

GTC GlobalTeam,

We use every corner of innovation
We have clear vision and value for clients
We are growing in every corner of the world