Course: Reservoir Engineering Course:
  • Identify Reservoirs: Understand how to get into the estimation of size
    •  Estimate boundaries, knowledge on traps and finding fluid contacts
    •  Detailed knowledge on rock and fluid properties
    •  Fluid flow through porous media
    •  Estimate fluid properties of different reservoirs
    •  Calculation of Material Balance Equation for different reservoirs
    •   Pressure Points & Sampling: What is the unique in each reservoir
    •   How to plan for pressure points
  •   Testing, Rock & Fluids
    •   How to pick pressure points from Logging data
    •   Latest in the technology of testing tools
    •   Advanced Reservoir Engineering: Plan and manage reservoirs
    •   Porosity & Permeability, what is missing
    •   Pc and its use through different methods
    •   Reservoir monitoring
    •   Fluid – Rock interaction
  • Latest in Well Testing: Technology of the past and present
    •   Updating on the newest technology on well testing
    •   The DST, WL and LWD testing of today
    •   Picking the right interval for testing
    •   Preparation for sampling
    •   Down hole PVT analysis
    •   On site fluid analysis
  •   Combined Reservoir and Well Test Engineering:
    • The art of Reservoir Engineering
    • Water flooding management
    • Well Testing; Past and  present technology
    • Picking representative sample
    • Rock and fluid properties
    • Reservoir monitoring and management


  • courses will be conducted daily for 8 hours,
  • Some movies might be included in the class daily subjects
  • The attendees submit their concerns and questions after the course is over via email to the company for ONE month free of charge.
  • CD and documents will be distributed
  • GTC GLOBAL encourages attendees to bring all the concerns and problems in their company, samples from their fields to discuss, real examples as well.

GTC GLOBAL has training centers in Houston, Texas USA. Our centers accommodate up to 80 attendees at once.

Our prices are affordable and cost effective

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