Course: Drilling Courses:

Instructor: Dr. Saleh (Colorado School of Mines & DrillSense Inc.)

1. Advanced Drilling: Well Bore Stability

  • Describe the stresses in the earth before we drill a borehole
  • Describe the stresses in the earth after we drill a borehole
  • Describe how a rock fails when we drill it
  • Understand the features of an extended leak off test
  • Explain the geometry of borehole shear failures and how to detect them on lateralog images
  • Explain the geometry of borehole tensile failures and how to detect them on lateralog images
  • Understand how a mud weight window is calculated
  • Understand the differences in borehole stability in deviated wells from vertical wells
  • Describe the basic components of the Mechanical Earth Model and how the input data is derived
  • Describe the different types of caving that are found at the wellsite
  • Detect the 4 most common wellbore instability mechanisms from surface and downhole signatures and offset well data
  • Propose remedial actions for the common instability mechanisms that occur at the wellsite

2. Drilling Optimization:

  • Definitions
  • Drilling efficiency
  • Symptoms of poor drilling performance
  • ROP models
  • Factors that affect drilling rate
  • Drilling fluids effects
  • Drill solids type and concentration
  • Weight on bit
  • RPM Drilling Dynamics
  • Definitions and introduction to drilling vibration
  • Causes, prevention, and cure of axial, rotational, and whirl vibration
  • Case studies
  • Real time diagnosis
  • Practical guidelines
  • Bit performance optimization
  • System optimization

3. Advanced Drilling:

  • Drilling Analysis & benchmarking
  • Pore/Fracture gradient estimation
  • Drilling fluid management
  • Vertical stress
  • Drilling mechanics and hole problems
  • Shale heaving, sloughing and swelling, problem and solutions
  • Over balance & under balance drilling
  • Live data analysis while drilling & making serious decisions

4.  Stuck Pipes and Provided Solutions:

  • Primer on well planning
  • Differential pipe stuck
  • Mechanical stuck
  • Fishing operations
  • Advanced topics
  • Solutions
  • Examples

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