Course: Integrated Production Modeling:

Instructor: Dr. Paul Ramparsad & Dr. A. Mazin

This course will take 15 working days

  • Introduction to Integrated production system and overall approach
  • Introduction to PROSPER
  • Pressure loss in Wellbore
  • Importance of PVT
  • VLP correlations theory
  • Building a wellbore model, Matching PVT and flow correlation, and Generation of lift curves for
    output to GAP or simulator
  • Inflow performance models
  • Gas Lift Design
  • ESP Design
    • Use of Quick-look for gas lift
    • Exercises Using Prosper
    • Wellbore Modelling
    • Well Inflow Modelling
    • Artificial lift Design
  • Multilateral well Introduction to GAP
  • Step-by step Guide in Building The GAP Model.
  • Building surface network model-linking PROSPER well models
  • Generation of surface performance curves
    • Surface Network Modelling
    • Production Forecasting
    • Gas Lift Optimization
  • Introduction to MBAL
  • Running and matching prediction, importing VLP’s and IPR’s from PROSPER
  • Introduction to Multi-PVT MBAL
  • Exercises Using MPAL
    • Reservoir Modelling
    • Oil water contact monitoring
    • Perform Prediction

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