Super Mud (SM)

Super Mud (SM)

This is a new polymer product made from natural and modified blend of different polymers. The new blend of the polymer bares over 5 million straight molecule chain that will protect the drill hole section from contamination, keeping the formation clean, lubricate, and prevent Shale heaving or sloughing. The new mud mix is combination of three materials, all environmentally safe and friendly. There is no chemicals used in this new mud type. The three materials are:

  • The modified polymer providing good mud rheology. The PV, YP, and GEL parameters will be made by adding certain amount of the polymer.
  • PAC-LVtocontrolthefiltrate,oranysimilar.
  • Nano-fluidpowder;Theverynewnanoparticles,whichprovidebetterfiltrate, lubrication, prevent formation heaving and collapse during drilling, and maintain mud properties.

TThe new Super Mud liquid polymer is primarily used as a viscosity agent and as a soil stabilizer to prevent sloughing and/or collapse of a borehole. Super Mud is far easier to use than any bentonite. The mud can be used to drill all hole size section in a well and there is no need to prepare more mud for any new hole section.

TThe new mud is very cost effective compared to other types of mud that require addition of many additive and chemicals.

Other Technical Supports

GTC GLOBAL will follow up with each after the service is implemented and might ask the client to perform certain tests on the well before the well is set into its proper production. It is important to know that a sudden high draw down pressure at the well face might generate quick plugging again and the well might die again as the result of this quick production setting. We therefore recommend to set certain practices on each well based on the well performances.

Our technical team will be always available to provide full support and services to our clients. GTC GLOBAL provides support for one year after its services in any field.


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