GTC Well Stimulation
  1. "GMG and GT Enzyme for Well Stimulation" and Estimated Costs. Put this below it:
    • GMG Guns as Fracing Perforation; GMG generates a network of fractures around the well penetrating the formation for up to 49.3 ft (Diameter of 98.6 ft). This network will be a new pool between the reservoir and the well. Reservoir feeds the pool through the fracture network and the pool feeds the well smoothly with lower drawdown differential pressure.
    • GT Bio-Chem Enzyme removes NORM, Asphaltene, Paraffins, unreacted Acid and Acid byproducts, certain injected chemicals, weakens scale materials, and lowers Sor to certain degree because of wettability and interfacial tensions. The Bio enzyme is in oil phase (no water, only mixed with oil). The enzyme must be squeezed into the formation as a solution and not concentrate. GTC expert provides and supervises the mixing and preparation of the solution. DO NOT INJECT THE ENZYME INTO THE FORMATION AS IS.
    • The Enzyme expires in 18 - 26 months depending on the type.
    • The enzyme is recommended to be mixed with the crude oil from the field if its API is 32 or higher.
    • The combination clean and clear flow paths for the crude oil and gas to flow smoothly.
    • The well data and parameters are used for modeling, finding the degree of the damage, how deep the formation is damaged, and the estimated amount of materials required for stimulating the well. We also provide GMG modeling.
    • A detailed report will be provided to the customer after implementation and well testing.

Estimated Materials Required and Cost Per Well:

Cost per well depends on reservoir and well parameters, as it depends on the interval picked for the whole service. For example:

  1. A well with 20 ft stimulation interval requires 4 x 10 ft of GMG gun. The gun size depends on the tubing size and restrictions. GTC provides 2" 3 1/8", 3 3/8" and 2" GMG sizes. Client to provide WL for implementation. GTC experts supervise the operation.
  2. Each well requires 3 - 10 drums (each drum has 55 gallons), depending on the degree of the damage the well has been exposed to.
    • GT-A : this enzyme is mild and used for high clay content.
    • GT-B: this enzyme is specifically used for reservoirs with high Asphaltene content
    • GT-C: This enzyme is specifically used for high Paraffins precipitation at the perforation entry, high Asphaltene and high K40+ isotope.
  3. The costs for the materials do not include the expert daily charges, shipment, packing, materials required for preparing the enzyme solution (Xylene, Kerosene, or Crude oil), insurance and other logistics.
  4. GTC GLOBAL does not sell GMG or enzyme to any third party.
  5. If the reservoir section that requires stimulation is more than 32 ft, Coiled Tubing is required to squeeze the enzyme solution for smooth and even distribution across the interval.
  6. GTC GLOBAL provides up to ONE year warrantee on each well after implementation. This includes, a one-day test after stimulation, estimating optimal production parameters, monthly follow up and re-stimulate the well with enzyme at no material costs to client.
  7. Discount is based on the project volume.

For the estimated costs of the GMG guns and Bio-Chem Enzyme, please contact or


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