GTC Well Stimulation

GT-B2 Bio-Chem Enzyme

The GT-B2 Bio-Chem Enzymes a new technology with certain chemicals and different bio enzymes mixed cleaning oil and gas wells that are plugged because of Paraffins, Asphaltene, NORM, sand, clay, slug and other materials, or Acids and chemicals used to stimulate wells. In 7 wells (USA, Latin America, North Africa) production increased 100-820% using GTC enzyme

GTC Gas Meteoric Guns for Generating Mega and Macro Fracture Network Around the Well

The new Gas Meteoric Gun (GMG); This new technology produces gas with very high pressure reaching 46,000 psi, breaking the reservoir rock and generating a pool with 98 ft diameter, like a tank collecting oil around the well ready to produce. Production is highly boosted. Production increased up to 232%.

GTC Super Drilling Mud & Nano Cement Powder

The new Super Mud (SM)-Nano Technology; This new type of mud is water or oil base, only two materials; Polymer and Nano tech powder used to make a clean drilling mud, replacing 28 chemicals and materials currently used. This mud is made once for the entire well sections, can be also taken to another well, saving lots of money.

The Nano-Powder for Cementing (NCP): The NCP is added to the cement adding higher cement compressive strength, and better cement-pipe and cement-formation attach, preventing possible micro channels and microfractures across the annulus. The NCP guarantees the isolation across reservoirs and to the surface.


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