Gas Meteoric Gun (GMG)

Gas Meteoric Gun (GMG)

The new Gas Meteoric Gun (GMG) for Well Stimulation: This new gun is not a perforation gun, rather it is used to create fractures deep into the reservoir rock by generation an extremely high pressure exceeding the rock compressive strength by 5 to 10 folds. The generated pressure penetrates the rock horizontally creating lateral fractures in all directions by extending the already perforated zone. The fractured is in ellipsoid or sphere shape with 24-96 ft diameter, depending on the size and type of GMG used.

The new fractured zone is an added flow network that connects between the reservoir and the wellbore. This pool will feed the well via HC accumulation, which also will regulate the drawdown pressure into the wellbore.

It is jointly used with the GT-B2 Enzyme. The GMG replaces the hydraulic fracturing, which is very costly and requires lots of equipment and materials. The GMG can generate from 24 ft (using the 2 Gas Gun) to 48 ft radius (usinh 4" Gas Gun size). The new GMG has the power to generate extremely high gas pressure and over 3-4 milliseconds period compared to any perforation. The GMG generates a wide fracture network around the wellbore and create a local pool for the crude oil to accumulate. The generated pool creates gradual draw down pressure between the reservoir and the sand face resulting in long smooth fluid flow without path plugs. The pool created by the GMG is resulted from over 36000 psi generated with the gas expanding through the propellants facing the perforation zones.

There is a need for less water cushion to avoid the vertical transfer of the energy in the well. Reservoirs with low porosity sand, shale, layered carbonates are the best to use the GMG to create the fracture network. The use of the GMG along with the GT-B2 enzyme creates an exceptionally clean pool in producing wells, especially those wells that suffer from the precipitation of Paraffins and Asphaltene. The GMG has been used in US, Africa and Latin America and has performed very well. In some wells the production rate has increased by 200% as a result, and when the GT-B2 enzyme added to the operation the production rate has increased by 8 folds in 3 wells.


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